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Retrospective Study of Surgical Treatment of Cavernous Hemangioma of the Liver
간혈관종의 수술적 치료의 후향적 추적 관찰
Korean Journal of HBP Surgery 2002 Jun;6(1):33-7
Published online June 29, 2002
Copyright © 2002 Korean Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sursery.

Dongho Choi, M.D., Han Joon Kim, M.D., Kyeong Geun Lee, M.D., Hwon Kyum Park, M.D. and Kwang Soo Lee, M.D.

Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
한양대학교 의과대학 외과학교실
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Background/Aims: Cavernous hemangioma is the most common benign tumor of the liver. The indications for operating on these lesions also remain unclear. To address these points, the clinical data of patients with hepatic hemangioma treated with surgical resections at our hospital were reviewed retrospectively.

Methods: We reviewed the clinical records of nineteen patients with hepatic hemangiomas who had undergone hepatic resection from January, 1985 to February, 2002 at Hanyang University Hospital.

Results: There were 19 patients, whose mean age was 46.7 years. The ages ranged from 34 years-64 years. There were 9 male patients and 10 female patients. The ratio of male and female was 1:1.1. Major symptoms were right upper quadrant pain, mass, epigastric pain, and non-specific GI symptoms. 14 cases of anatomical resections (6 right lobectomy, 3 left lobectomy, 5 left lateral segmentectomy) and 5 non anatomical resections were done. There were no postoperative deaths in this series. 6 patients (31.5%) developed operative complications. All of them were minor complications. During the mean follow up time of 87.8 months, symptomatic relief were achieved in 12 patients out of 14 patients who we could contact with outpatient follow up or telephone interview. One patient died of massive pleural effusion 4 years after operation.

Conclusion: Hepatic resection in patients who had cavernous hemangioma in the liver was safe and effective treatment modality if patients were selected with suitable indications. Operation indications were severe symptoms, diagnostic uncertainty. (Korean J HBP Surg 2002;6:33-37)

Keywords : Cavernous hemangioma, Surgical treatment


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