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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. (A) The tumor is composed of fascicles of plump spindle cells with oval nuclei and small nucleoli (arrows). Inflammatory cells, mostly plasma cells are seen either as small aggregates or more uniformly dispersed (dot-lined circle) (H-E stain, ×400 magnification). (B) The tumor cells show focal immunohistochemical positivity for smooth muscle actin (SMA, ×400 magnification). (C) Immunohistochemical staining for IgG4, a marker of IgG4-positive plasma cell shows only one positive IgG4-positive cell per high power field (dot-lined circle) (IgG4, ×400 magnification). (D) Ki-67 proliferation index is about 5% (Ki-67, ×400 magnification).
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