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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Samples of skeletal muscle area measurement at the third lumbar vertebra level (L3). (A) A 19-year-old male with body mass index (BMI) 20.8 kg/m2, skeletal muscle index at L3 (L3SMI) 55.6 cm2/m2, total liver volume 1210 (TLV) ml, and L3SMI-based standard liver volume (SLV) 1294 ml. (B) A 28-year-old male with BMI 24.6 kg/m2, L3SMI 53.2 cm2/m2, TLV 1329 ml, and L3SMI-based SLV 1265 ml. (C) A 31-year-old female with BMI 22.5 kg/m2, L3SMI 47.5 cm2/m2, TLV 1066 ml, and L3SMI-based SLV 1197 ml. (D) A 21-year-old female with BMI 28.9 kg/m2, L3SMI 45.1 cm2/m2, TLV 1071 ml, and L3SMI-based SLV 1169 ml.
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